Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Story Trailer


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    Watch the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Story Trailer and visit for more details.

    A new war takes shape. Ready your defenses and cross into The Sideways.
    After the Alien Mothership’s destruction, the Cubes crash-landed on the Island. They’ve begun spreading corruption, as well as portals to the dark, monster-filled “Sideways.” Fight for the survival of the Island… before it’s too late.


    1. Tio do Lago


    2. AAplayz on YT

      Fortnite can you add bubble wrap build builds bake

    3. SniperDude 6000

      can anyone friend me on Fortnite? please. My name is Sniper Dude 6000

      1. SniperDude 6000

        Also season 8 is awesome

    4. Kelly Leeks

      Add something to save the world pls

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    6. crazy_peanutYT 231

      now listen guys isnt the squad supposed to be 4 but they were 5 people

    7. RileyRadez

      imma tell my kids and grandkids that cubes can reproduce

    8. The Knight Squad

      Can't wait for more info on the Foundation.

    9. noam edri

      why there is no pet in the buttle pass ?????

    10. wnnalis cioov

      O melhor passe do capítulo 2!! Com certeza!

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    12. SweatyBrody

      i want tilted back :(

    13. Trevor Doyle

      FUC* Epic games and everything they do(respectfully)

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    14. Nmckboss23

      Remove the raptors I had a easy dub I lost because I GOT THIRD PARTY

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    16. MIDXXX

      you guys need to fix the login error that is happening on fortnite mobile is preventing me from playing and also other people I hope you read

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    18. Rice Plays

      Crazy how their multilayer has a better story than its story mode

    19. Jessica Schuler

      Bring back perky please

    20. Rangero Maricobana

      Can you plz make the Eddie Brock skin refundable I accidentally bought him plz plz plz

    21. Deniz Beytekin


    22. Jokūbas Kaščionis

      New season huh? All i see is OLD We had zombies 4 times now Dark cubes: we had 'em Rifts: we had 'em Slip streams: we had 'em Weird corrupted guns: we had 'em The new items help the fortnite gameplay but epic suffers from the same proble: they remake old stuff into a new and "cooler" theme... I guess the skins are cool but still nothing new...

    23. Fimialinia22 gamer

      Plz unsubscribe

    24. Mrrr Knooo

      Free Jarvis

    25. PlayStation Grenade

      Can we get the continental hotel from Neo tilted into creative mode !!

    26. Carson Harris

      Fortnite should add a Harry Potter skin with a wand pickaxe and a broom glider.

    27. Vigs

      Stop taking hyp Away in arena

      1. Vigs

        I meant in the battle bus

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    29. DarkDFrostedWolf

      Epic games you should add the flipped out version of flippy to fortnite

    30. TeAhuRangi-

      ur game sucks 🤢

    31. Tyrese Rubenbauer

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    32. Ekipam

      Deer fortnite please add back marshmallo concert

    33. Christopher Savin

      me and my friend hate the raptors

    34. fnaaf gaming

      can you plz go back how you use to level up we can't ever get tier 100 without spending money so plz change it back

    35. Declan Savage

      KEVIN!! HES HOME!!

    36. Lisa trapped me in YG's basement send help

      happy birthday fortnite

    37. Xavier Sheeley

      Can you put performens mode on console plsssss

    38. Winston Söderström Arwidsson

      plis remove the reil gun its so op

    39. Shaggy

      I’m getting back in to this game

    40. Angelo Allocca

      Miregali una scin

    41. toml188

      where sorenhead

    42. Messias Cupis

      It’s Kevin the cube

    43. hoiy vinosa

      I really hope The Foundation will save the island till Chapter 3

    44. The singer toning

      Me thinking that pumps r going 2 be valted

    45. Loubna Hassini

      Great Spider-Man in Fortnite please I really want him

    46. godplays

      happy birthday fornite 😀😀

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Nice, kevin is back bois!!!!

    47. Gamer boy11

      Can i get battle pass pls m'y name is (eveche-grincant) i have never get a battle pass 🥺

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      Lot of sweats in solo

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      Nice, kevin is back bois!!!!

    60. uthsala anuka

      Anyon else watching

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    62. Edwardfish

      I feel like i would be able to enjoy fortnite after a bit more time i think its sort of going in the right path

    63. niddg viiut

      The foundation will most likely be back next season, I feel like he is the only one capable of taking down the cubes.

    64. Laser laser fan

      Pls epic games if you can see this please keep the new venom skin out the one with himself and the venom form keep it for 3 days 😔😔😔😔 I rlly want it I’ll get it in 3 days pls epic games 🙏🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞

      1. Laser laser fan

        @Yussif okay thanks 😊

      2. Yussif

        @Laser laser fan they will keep it for a long time don’t worry

      3. Laser laser fan

        I beg you 🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏

    65. Oofer McDoofus

      Fortnite would make but still everyone would hate it... And make meme out of it

      1. niddg viiut

        mhm pbp

    66. Ayden Dove

      Remove raptors

    67. Qwiknugget Gaming123


    68. S Grubbs

      I finally had the venom skin now but I think you guys are going to give me a quest for V bucks


      Fortnite can you add lil nas x emote and his skin

    70. Shinigami

      I really hope The Foundation will save the island till Chapter 3

    71. Mystery Legends

      A lot more people would play

    72. Mystery Legends

      Bring back old fortnite

      1. FLEXTOR

        Shutup no one wants that map anymore

    73. Remy Calvin

      Can y'all add actual fuckin* armor maybe I can actually play your game

    74. Sebastian Flores Manrique

      Popiaste a free fire

      1. minij hooi

        Wayers Naruto

    75. Sebastian Flores Manrique


    76. Jay Jarquin

      So is the foundation one of the ailen

    77. Speed gamer_one

      i wish the map looked like this and we had big map changes it would've been a great season smh

      1. SamTheSharkStories

        It’s still ongoing

    78. Meme world

      I really wish you give much lore about the aliens and stuff cuz the Alien invasion was cool and I really hope they would be more alien motherships and aliens I Hope so

    79. Tara Lessa

      I feel like this season could've waited n the other thing. Y is all 99 ppl have the same challenges. Omg ppl b cheating. Fornite i will continue to report. You cant get challenge done.

    80. Tsamired

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    81. livajowski

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    85. Елена Гордеев

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    86. ZZrae21

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    87. April Dean

      My son wants the tacky wacky back

    88. Killer Paul

      Wayers Naruto

    89. ByeLamanburg X4


    90. FrostSyphon

      so my prediction would be that the foundation who got "short-circuited" in the water, would return and have to do something against the aliens, maybe hes the one who FIGHTS the cube queen

    91. Елена Гордеев

      I want season 19 end of the world fortnite

      1. SamTheSharkStories

        Season 18 has only just started

    92. POG chump

      Happy birthday fortnite :)

    93. Anime_edit…

      Guess im never playing fortnite again

    94. John Ambrona

      This season sucks every game i got into was filled to the brim with ogs and sweaty players that produce enough sweat to fill up a ocean

    95. tyronegg8

      does anyone notice the fishstick is still there from season 7 story trailer?

    96. Ninja_200_WWE

      I am so hype for the new season only because Carnage is in the game

    97. Liminality

      Gosh, their on season 8! I didn’t know I missed out on 14 seasons

      1. Hasie Cureño

        What season did you stop playing ?