Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass Trailer


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    Watch the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass Trailer and visit for more details.

    This is our Reality and we’re going to save it. We’ve got the best of the best on our side to help us out.


    1. Salman Eman Muhammad

      Me helping Dr. Slone in c2 s7 when I go to corny complex She be like Oreo

    2. I love Arson

      A literal alien army attacking the island The people one the island: still killing eachother

    3. Kimberley and Jonathan Kavwenje

      Fortnite you did a Woopsie you put the China versions torin in trailer

    4. Timothy R

      Do you see the face it’s different 0:31 look at torin face

    5. Narzig

      Really makes me think of the witch queen trailer from destiny 2

    6. Caleb Pollard

      I rate the season 8 battle pass trailer 10000000000000/10👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩

    7. Mal456

      I can’t wait for the crossbow dualies

    8. Coco Charlie

      0:31 did anyone else know that that is not the normal skin style it's the china version but still a cool accident

    9. Nitrix Vel0cityYT

      Also when she says “gather what’s left of your army” when they are in the slip stream is that a Roblox sword sound?

    10. Thegdprman Thegdprman

      This season is insane and I played with my friends

    11. Thegdprman Thegdprman

      This season is insane and I played with my friends

    12. Ultra Instinct Goku

      Did anyone see siren head at 0:46

    13. tiffany ramos


    14. ParallelExecutioner26

      THIS NEEDS TO BE A MUSIC PACK NOW *Perhaps It Shall be Called “Cubed”*

    15. Danny Pk

      ye sir

    16. Jack B

      Why is the Chinese version of Torin in the trailer -0:30

    17. Isamar Sanchez

      I spend it on do you skin

    18. Kim Cowsill

      dear fortnite can you pls gift me the whole dino guard set i only have one dino guard skin

    19. Isamar Sanchez

      Hey fortnight can I get my return tickets back because I literally spend my Vbox on accident

    20. The red cool ali!

      Thought that was siren head

    21. Corey in the zone

      Fortnite Fortnite shiner version of that skin what does go to you guys about the email as she got Kevin thank you very much that you like some pizza and it goes on her new song is it are transformation don’t mind pizza to Maurice’s I don’t know how they come in there but I am but I messed up on the trailer if you do not have those golf on her skin

    22. Shadow

      When mobile coming back

    23. Dan Haigh

      I saw the larmer

    24. LynelSlayer_

      Coming Up To 2 Weeks On This Season, I’m Impressed. In The Last Week We Got Venom And Carnage Mythic, Armored Walls And Pretty Sweet Skins And Emotes. I Can See A Bright Future For Season 8. Great Job Epic!👍🏼🔥

    25. David Cheatham Jr.

      Epic pls give us all the numeral styles and more presets for our skins pls

    26. ElectronicWins

      Did anybody notice siren head in the trailer?

    27. Azra Crnolic

      I may thing that big monster is a siren head but im not sure

    28. Logan Watson

      Whas that siren head the tall figure?

    29. Football Alex

      Who saw the background on 0:47

    30. Achi Pap

      and cool song its a creppy and cool

    31. Achi Pap

      this is cool

    32. Smegmaster279

      Wow this seems familiar 😑

    33. L.A .J.J

      0:45 What is that on the background ?

    34. Wenglo

      What is that 0:46

      1. bloodsports

        hopefully it’s for Fortnitemares and we get some boss to fight like the Storm King 🙏


      The torin carrying fabio sparklemain is different face

    36. R.E.Dcontent Gevecker

      Has anyone else notice the giant monster in the background at the end of the trailer that looked like sirenhead

    37. Belugas brother


    38. PlayStation Grenade

      Can we get the continental hotel from Neo tilted into creative mode !!

    39. J4c0b


    40. vamp 0123

    41. robdogg26


    42. fox ydev8444

      in the back at the end i see siren head or something who else

    43. xrrxy vvoi

      Is it weird that her voice sounds calming?

    44. Random Guy

      Oh nice Chinese version of Torin is carrying fabio.

    45. majd gamer

      eyo Kevin buddy we wanted you to come back so speak nicer ok

    46. Tayden Alvarado

      What is Carnage's emote called

      1. xrrxy vvoi

        They used the Chinese version of the Torin Skin by accident in a clip

    47. Troy Rincon

      siren head is coming im so hyped

    48. Logik

      Epic could you add a juice world skin in fortnite

    49. Victoria Canelo

      I think ther is siren head

    50. Demolish Clan

      Now that we know that Kevin and the other cubes are here. I think that at the possible live event. That “thing” that slone is afraid of might just be the monster from the season 8 or 9 live event. The monster was after the zero point. Possibly now knowing that Kevin is here. He might be going after the mothership since we know that the zero point is still inside the mothership. It might succeed on getting it. But then the seven might save us..then we might witness the return of a old friend…

    51. Gamer boy11

      Can i get battle pass pls m'y name is (eveche-grincant) i have never get a battle pass 🥺

    52. creeper jack and friends


    53. ZERO-

      This season is the best

    54. FaZe Taz3

      Is this slone talking or the secret skin

      1. bloodsports

        The secret skin

    55. Ethan Marc

      0:45 did u see wat gun toona fish had

      1. SpaceWalker

        The combat smg

      2. Octane spike

        No i saw siren head

    56. Kim Cowsill

      can you pls add trexs to the game so we can tame them

    57. Kim Cowsill

      can you pls add all of the dino gaurd stuff back in the item shop including the bundles thank you

    58. Kim Cowsill

      can you pls add the emote roar back in the item shop thank you

    59. QN YAM | يام


    60. Caramel doggy

      I cant belive she betrated us

    61. J Wade

      They used the Chinese version of the Torin Skin by accident in a clip

    62. dogman 25

      Did no one else see siren head?

    63. Meowscles

      I love this season so far but idk why but something is stopping me from playing it ;-;

    64. Happytom780

      In the back at the end of the trailer it kinda looks like siren HEAD

    65. rata tat

      Im mad because they killed the banana

    66. Lily Ruiz

      Happy bday fortnite

    67. Ava

      what is that figure in the back

    68. Fusion Kobe


    69. Ganka Vanithasan

      Hey Fortnite, When Torin is carrying Fabio Sparklemane, you put the chinese version of Torin's face. Just saying

    70. Bryan’s Gaming Channel 2

      I Hope We Get A Music Pack Of This.

    71. freak-x

      Bro what is the siren head looking as thing in the background

    72. dumbmemes gaming


    73. Amogus

      Fun fact the Torin in the trailer is chinise torin

    74. Mike Kent

      Kevin. You should have not defeated us beacause we made you peeper Then when we are done we will break the islands. Me. Next season is gonna be great we might me in space.

    75. storytime wolf

      We gonna talk about that tall guy in the background

    76. Dyg the dog

      pause at 0:30 and look at torins face...

      1. Synth505

        It’s the Fortnite China version of the style (dunno why they used it in the trailer lmao)

    77. XxitzmejacobxX


    78. bruno8

      Why they can't bring back OG fortnite

      1. bloodsports

        It’s impossible now lol

    79. Meme world

      Just like the Mothership and the alien got acctracted to the spire and the zero point I am hoping the same applies to godzilla coming from another reality to harness the power of the zero point if that happens next season I will literally blow up of all the excitement!!

    80. Screamability


    81. 17devv

      0:46 SIREN HEAD

      1. slash 1966

        Nope it's the queen

    82. Huawei Y9prime

      0:44 did you notice the back it is siren head



      1. slash 1966

        Maybe I don't think it is, honestly I think it's the queen

    84. slash 1966

      Only nothing will remain ,, now I get it seeing how the whole map is being corrupted by the cubes, This whole map is being Erased

    85. TrainSim313 and 377

      0:46 is that Siren Head???

      1. The One Above All

        @slash 1966 true

      2. slash 1966

        @The One Above All I don't know all about that I'm just here talking about how that is not siren head like everybody thinks it is it's the queen that's all, and honestly the queen might not even be a secret skin we will just have to wait and see

      3. The One Above All

        @slash 1966 the secret skin does not look like that, literally everyone thinks the queen is the skin

      4. slash 1966

        @TrainSim313 and 377 yes it does alot of people think that but it's not believe me it's the queen she's part of the storyline and this chapter we will learn more about her as it goes on. And honestly why would they add siren head to the game come on now 🤣

      5. TrainSim313 and 377

        @slash 1966 looks like siren head to me

    86. Malcolm Cowart2

      So... did anyone else see the giant Siren Head like creature in the background at 0:44

    87. Vivid Clipzy

      At the very end is that siren head rising up behind the squad

      1. Real Deadpool


    88. Unknown Unknown

      Did any body notice the Chinese version of torin while she was picking up fabio sparklemane

    89. ツakSnpeslolツ

      Look at Torin carrying that downed teammate her face changed to the Chinese version

    90. Emily An

      as an anime fan, o love charlottes enchanted spirit style and her katana.

    91. BoogzVr

      0:30 Easter egg 😎🤣 look at torin 🤣🤣🤣

    92. Kencaid Morrison

      Did anyone see sirin head

    93. Kuba


      1. Emily An

        Why is there a different mask when torin cubed version is running with Fabio sparkle mane is down? Anyone else notice that it’s the fortnite China version of torin cubed

    94. Gaming indo

      Thank you epic games love new season

    95. Uriel Ramirez jr

      I really want spider man in the game but carnage that’s cool please fortnite give us spider man soon

    96. Helen Wolf

      LOL That is look like the Siren Head! 😱 [0:45]

    97. Cute banana

      Why is no one talking about the actors voice it’s so deep and matching with the story when she said “will remain” it was like a movie!

      1. Real Deadpool

        It's the queen thar is speaking, and she is british, so I have a question.... Why the hell is an Alien queen British?

    98. Annie and Chris Bernet

      Bro season eight is SICK! Reply if you think so to!

    99. ALPHA_G4M3R775

      0:47 Fortnite click biters be like SIREN HEAD ARRIVING TO FORTNITE!!!

      1. Real Deadpool

        Well, there are leaks that the thing is a ridable monster

    100. amy spendlove

      It's where you rap eachother